Journal Bar

Journal Bar 2.3

News, weather and stocks updated automatically on your Blackberry

Journal Bar automatically downloads weather, news & stock data to your device so you view it at any time. The top 5 seller for the Pocket PC is now available on the BlackBerry!

Journal Bar automatically gets Weather, Stocks & News information and downloads it to your BlackBerry. Simply install, enter your location, then let Journal Bar put all the best web pages & information automatically:


5 forecasts with up to 5 days forecast & current conditions for cities. Radar & satellite images for US cities. Over 230 countries & thousands of cities - most complete coverage of any PDA program


headlines & in-depth articles for 29 countries in 18 languages - over 250 news sources


up to 30 of your favorite stocks / mutual funds / currencies regularly updated

Journal Bar gets information via a specially compressed data stream. This not only means data is uploaded much quicker, but also means it minimizes bandwidth - an important consideration for users with expensive connections. By using Journal Bar, users could save $100s in a year over getting the same information by other means.

The latest information is automatically updated via the BlackBerry wireless connection, so you always have the latest information!

Journal Bar


Journal Bar 2.3

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