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Glow sticks are an essential part of any hardcore clubber's equipment. But now you don't need to go through the hassle of buying them thanks to iGlowStick.

This free iPhone app simulates the functionality of a real glow stick. You're presented with a clear plastic tube on screen. You then 'snap' it by holding and dragging the center. Next, just shake your phone and watch the stick start emitting light. The harder you shake it the brighter the stick will glow.

iGlowStick comes with a choice of different glow stick colors. There are several different ones to choose from, including blue, green, purple, and a strange flame-effect tube. This latest update includes three new Spring and Easter sticks.

Using iGlowStick is fun for a while but the novelty soon wears off and you realize that the app doesn't actually do that much.

Summer sticks


  • Summer sticks


iGlowStick 1.15

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