Fizz Monitor

Fizz Monitor 3.2

Monitor utilities on your PPC


  • Highly visual system resource indicators
  • Four menu skins
  • Adds a Today screen info bar


  • No alarms to warn you when resources are running low

Very good

However smart mobile devices are these days they will always have their limitations, namely in the form of battery life, RAM size and storage space. As a result it's important to keep an eye on all of these factors in order to ensure that you don't exceed your system's capabilities.

Fizz Monitor is designed to help you manage the resources on your system more effectively, by placing a series of gauges for various system elements on one screen. The program's main window is split into three sections: Battery Power, which indicates the percentage of main and backup power left; Memory, which measures both the running program memory and system storage space; and Device Storage, which tells you how much external card space you have at your disposal.

All of the information is very clearly presented in each of these sections, and by clicking on one of the resources you can view more information about it at the foot of the screen. The interface can also be skinned by choosing one of the four available themes.

Fizz Monitor also includes a fairly primitive task manager, which displays a list of all items that you're running at present, giving you the option to 'kill' or 'activate' a task at the click of a button. It's a welcome addition to the software, although fairly primitive in its operation compared to the likes of the native Windows task manager utility.

On the whole though, Fizz Monitor provides an easy way to keep track of your system resources.

Fizz Monitor is an essential utility for all Smartphone & Pocket PC users. The program monitors battery levels, storage space, memory use and tasks. It has the following features:

  • Monitor the Battery & Battery backup state
  • Monitor the used memory and storage space
  • Close applications running on your device
  • Switch to running applications
  • Homescreen / Today Screen plugin support
  • 4 Themes included

Fizz Monitor


Fizz Monitor 3.2

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