FilerFrog 2.0.0

Multiply your menu options with a simple click!


  • Adds excellent functionality to context menu
  • Attractive design


  • Cannot enable/diasable
  • Desktop organization skins are ugly

Very good

FilerFrog is an application that will add a world of extra options to your context menus, making it easier and quicker to carry out tasks with just a right click.

Setting up FilerFrog isn't hard at all. For the most part, it configures itself and the only part you'll need to do manually is organizing your favorites. To use FilerFrog, just right click on a file or folder. About halfway down the list that appears, you'll find the FilerFrog options, with the features available changing according to what file you have clicked on.

FilerFrog really does add lots of extra functionality - there are too many to list here, but among the program's features you can extract, copy, encrypt, split/merge and rename files and folders, as well as some basic image alteration.

There's rarely an occasion on which extra functionality isn't a good thing, and FilerFrog is no exception. It's easy on resources, and once you get into the habit of using it, you'll wonder how you ever did without it!

Make right-clicking an extra productive activity with FilerFrog.



FilerFrog 2.0.0

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