Funny, easy timewaster for kids of all ages


  • Easy kids game with pretty background images


  • Monsters and player icon could have been nicer


Cartoonix is a funny, easy, timewaster, in which you have to drive a little train in order to unveil the drawing that lies on the game-screen background, as it is covered by a grey layer where little, funny-looking monsters live.

They are faster than you, so as soon as you pass on their territory, be careful to draw closed shapes quickly, before they catch you or your slipstream.

The cartoon style design is pleasant for everybody, but especially for kids. The images on the background are in fact beautiful Walt Disney drawings which you unveil bit by bit driving the little train.

Just draw the boxes before the monsters catch you. If you manage to do that, everything inside the perimeter of your drawing will be shown.

Are you looking for an easy timewaster or to calm down a five-old kid?

Destroy the magic wall built by an evil Warlock! Be careful and quick to escape from his wicked minions. The famous cartoon characters need your help!




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