3D Mines

3D Mines 1.2

Innovative minesweeper-style game


  • Innovative gameplay
  • Choice of minefield shapes
  • Customizable difficulty settings
  • Straightforward controls


  • Graphics aren't that exciting
  • No sound

Very good

Minesweeper is one of the all-time classic PC timewasters, and 3D Mines adds literally a whole new dimension to the game.

3D Mines is based around the same principle as the original game, which, of course, comes packaged with Windows. The objective is basically the same (i.e. to clear the minefield without blowing a mine) only this time the board is three dimensional.

The controls in 3D Mines are really simple. You just tap on one of the squares to reveal how many mines surround that one. Remember though that this time, this number represents mines that may be above or beneath this square, rather than just to the side of it. You can move the 3D board very easily by clicking and dragging it around and the animation is pretty smooth.

As with Minesweeper, 3D Mines is great fun to play and more than a little addictive to boot. What's more, the game is highly customizable - there are several different minefield shapes to choose from, and you can also set the dimension, the mine density and the spike density.

The graphics in 3D Mines aren't exactly ground-breaking and I felt the overall presentation could do with a bit of a polish. There's no sound in the game either.

That said, 3D Mines represents an enjoyable new twist on an old favorite.

3D Mines


3D Mines 1.2

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